Writing songs has always been so healing, magical, and cathartic for me.  As a child I grew up in a home that was constantly filled with music both day and night.  I was a sensitive, quiet girl who found an oasis in music.  As an adolescent trying to understand myself and the world around me, songwriting was a natural expression of trying to process what I was feeling or experiencing.  I wrote my first song when I was 14 and I haven’t stopped since.  Below are my reflections on the beauty of songs and songwriting – I hope you enjoy!


Songs express the whole of life – profound moments of joy, love, sadness, frustration, fears, gratitude, despair, anger, and courage.

They can be fun, touching, moving, sensual, empowering, reflecting, and haunting.

They can teach us…

Songs can harken us back to a time long ago – feeling a moment – a memory forever cherished.  They can help you to get through a dark, challenging time in your life.  Soothe you when it’s time to say goodbye, be a bridge to help you find words thought forever lost, a lifeline reminding you – you are never really alone.

A song is a conduit to the divine, challenging the songwriter or listener to open up and let the messages come forth.  Sometimes we don’t choose to listen because we don’t want to feel where the song will take us.  But the song waits for us nevertheless.  God’s direct channel to energize us, reawaken, help us heal and find hope – release – step into life exploring new terrain – understand another’s heart – understand our own.

Songs are the journal of our lives.  New beginnings, endings, all in between, they make us dance, move, feel sexy, and feel alive.

Validating us  – celebrating us – they are our stories through time, our connection to each other through lyric, melody, harmony – Beautiful, Magical, Powerful – Songs are from the Soul of God.

Ramona Villaflor Machson