Vocal Coaching

Ramona combines her skills as a voice teacher, vocal coach, and music therapist to provide an accepting and enthusiastic environment in which students can flourish.

Her teaching philosophy affirms that everyone has their own unique voice to sound and our voices are powerful instruments that can be used to heal and transform.

Having studied and taught voice for over 20 years, as well as directed numerous vocal groups and talent shows, Ramona has a dedication to each and every one of her students to bring out their love of singing and performing.

  • Her work as a voice teacher enables her to teach specific vocal techniques that will help students to increase range, freedom, presence, and power in the voice.
  • Her experience as a vocal coach and performer allows her to teach students to sing from the heart and soul of a song – to phrase lyric with feeling while building confidence to perform or audition.
  • Her training as a music therapist allows her students to explore on an even deeper level how sounding our voices can help to release stress, anger, and sorrow and restore balance.

Whether singing is for ones own personal pleasure and enjoyment, or geared toward a larger audience, Ramona’s distinctive combination of teaching talents help to bring out the joy and soul of singing for each student.

To inquire about vocal coaching, please email Ramona at ramonasoulpurpose@gmail.com