Soul to Soul Sessions and Workshops

Soul to Soul Music Sessions and Workshops are created specifically for those going through a life transition or facing a particular hardship or challenge in their lives.  The intention of Soul to Soul Sessions is to help participants reach a more peaceful state of being through the use of voice, drumming, guided meditation, mindfulness, movement, writing and breath work.  hands-picture-croppedFrom this centered state one’s own wisdom and healing can emerge.

Positive coping skills are used in creative and expressive ways to bring relaxation and joy.  Support is offered in a loving, nurturing environment.  No music experience is necessary, just an open mind and heart.  Sessions geared for one to one or small groups. Workshops for medium to large groups.

Workshop Topics

  1. The Present Moment Power of Now
  2. Gratitude is an Attitude
  3. Faith and Courage in the Face of Fear
  4. Healing the Heart after Loss
  5. It’s All About Our Choices
  6. We are all Unique! Respecting our differences – Honoring what Unites us
  7. The Magic of Music, Movement, and Laughter to uplift and Rejuvenate our Spirits!
  8. Trusting in Ourselves – Finding our way to take positive risks and make good decisions
  9. Creating Inner Peace-Stress relief for children – teens – adults
  10. Building Confidence, Connection, Character, and Belief in oneself to Realize ones Dreams and Goals
  11. Caring for the Caregiver – Nurturing ones Spirit and Resiliency during challenging times
  12. Hope is Healing

Please note workshop topics can be tailored for specific individual or group requests.





Performances and workshops have been held at:

The Clubhouse of Suffolk Big Brothers-Big Sisters
Mid-Island Y at JCC Lowell School
Samuel Field Y The Club
Bethany House Brandywine Assisted Living Home
St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Curvy Girl Scoliosis Convention Continuing Ed Programs




“Ramona’s Soul to Soul Music Sessions brought me peace and an uplift of spirit when my family was going through a challenging time.  The Healing Circle soothed and comforted me.”

– Carol Portugal


“I had a fractured sacrum in large part due to years of chemo and radiation.  As a result I was unable to sit for five months and then only on a very limited basis.  I was in pain and depressed.  Then Ramona visited me at my home where she proceeded to weave her magic.  She arrived with her guitar and hand drums.  We chanted together, drummed, and she also led me through a very healing and calming meditation.  Both her voice and soul are so pure and my spirits were lifted tremendously.  Each time I worked with her it was an amazing experience.  Her spirituality shines through in everything that she does.  If you have an opportunity to work with Ramona, it will be one of the best experiences of your life!”

– Jane Cooper


“Ramona led her theme oriented Soul to Soul Workshops most effectively for our clients. She built group cohesiveness through offering a safe and supportive environment in which participants drummed, meditated and improvised music. Her ability to sing and play a number of different instruments kept everyone’s interest.

– Michael Stoltz (CEO of The Association for Mental Health and Wellness)